Paul O'Kane verix at ei5di.com
Thu Oct 12 03:00:30 EDT 2006

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On 1/10/2006 10:35 Brian Miller wrote:

> A reminder that the 2006 Oceania DX contest is happening 
> on the first two weekends of October as follows:

> CW: 0800 UTC Saturday 14 October to 0800 UTC Sunday 15
> October

SD supports this contest.  V13.09 runs on any Windows PC
and is free from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe.

Select SD's "OCEANIA" template, and CW as the mode.

> .. rules at www.oceaniadxcontest.com/rules.pdf

If you enter an "inappropriate" callsign, SD changes its
colour to red.  This way, you know what's OK to work at
all times.

After the contest, use SDCHECK (a separate program included 
with SD), to prepare your .LOG file in Cabrillo format.
Email it, as an attached file, to cw at oceaniadxcontest.com

Paul EI5DI

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