[SD-User] V13.08 released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Sun Sep 10 17:26:26 EDT 2006

V13.08          10 September 2006

Auto-repeat of CQ (F1) messages.
    Not working with internal keying in V13.07.

SD - Template Selection Fixed.
    1. When the number of templates = 92 (one page).
    2. For certain PCs with non-standard internal
       codes for the arrow keys.
ESM - Run and S&P modes.
    If you press F1 while in S&P mode, your F1
    message is sent, and the mode reverts to Run.
    This may be quicker than using the grave
    accent key (the one under Esc) and pressing

SD Type 4 - without template.
    "Mults Count by" defaulted to B (band) when
    starting a new log.  Fixed.

    The CW QSO points value was stored incorrectly
    in one of the control records.  It was then
    displayed incorrectly when reloading the file.

SD - WAE, Editing QTCs.
    Fixed display of Time and Serial when editing
    QTCs in the QTC window - before logging.

SDX - Missing QSOs.
    The last QSO in a session was not always
    logged. Fixed. 

    Fixed display errors on the opening screen.    

California QSO Party:
    Updated CAQP.MLT for entrants outside CA.

    Option 2 - Editing QSOs:  Removed diagnostic
    display which caused delays when moving
    between QSOs.


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Paul EI5DI

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