[SD-User] Direct frequency entry and CQ repeat with SD

Sverre Holm svholm3 at broadpark.no
Mon Sep 18 07:08:30 EDT 2006

The Scandinavian Activity Contest was my first serious use of SD and I was
very happy with it. SD is about to become my preferred contest program now.

However I ran into a few items that I could not get to work. I was using SD
ver 13.07, an Elecraft K2 (Kenwood interface setup), Winkeyer USB, and
Windows 2000. LINKTIME and POLLTIME were set to 300 ms after experimenting
with them according to the manual. 

1. I was not able to get the direct frequency entry to work, i.e. typing
14020 to get the radio to go to that frequency. The problem followed band
changes in the radio without any problems. Also I could only jump to a
frequency in the same band from itmes stored in Quick Memory (recalled by
F10), but not to change band.

2. I could not get the repeat function for CQ to insert the specified pause,
i.e. R1...R10. I saw that ver 13.08 had a fix for this and downloaded that
version after the contest. It seems that with Winkeyer USB, the repeat
interval is now proportional to the keyer speed in my setup. At very high
WPM's, R10 now gives me 4-5 seconds of break.

By the way, the problems reported by IZ2EJU yesterday on the rate window,
were not seen by me:

> the rate window is not working properly. It gives 0 both for last total
and for overall. I am using WinXP 
> with Italian settings. Where am I wrong ? Otherwise, SD 13.08 is working
> 73 from Rik IZ2EJU

It may be due to my limited experience with SD that I have run into these
items, but anyway I would appreciate any help.



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