[SD-User] Mode-changes

Fred Ockert m.ockert at bss-services.de
Tue Jun 12 01:58:43 EDT 2007


first :
found with SD 13.23  changed Radiodefinitions.

still without IC737 ... well: tried IC738,IC746 and IC736 -> modified to correct
Radioadress  3CH... Frequency ist working
but mode-change  does not work  (older versions did so)!
you con try
Frequ. change from PC -> TRX = o.k.
Frequ. change from TRX -> PC = o.k.

if you try  on SD: SSB -> nothing happens
if you switch the Radio to SSB -> nothinh on PC
also TRX= 14010/cw ... typing 40S   ...the TRX changes to 40m/CW



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