[SD-User] CW contesting and SD

Dominic Baines dombaines at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 13:52:16 EST 2007

Hi all,
  Apologies for the bandwidth for those not specifically interested in ARCI...
  I just had fun in the CW QRP ARCI grid square sprint. As I didn't contact any other QRP ARCI members or anyone outside HB9 or DL not sure I can really say I took part? Anyway back to the reason behind the post...
  My CW QSO rate was terrible as expected so I will not admit the total but I seem to have made a total hash of the macros and logging with winkey and SD. Thank heavens for backup of paper and a normal key :-) Anyway as I happen to be one of the mad contesters it is frustraiting not to seem to be able to use a familiar package (regular SSB DX IOTA entrant) so has anyone got a step by step guide to cw logging with SD and winkey? Or some other cw/logging combination?
  The really fun bit was I found number of HB9 qrs cw'ers :-)

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