[SD-User] 4U1WRC Status in SD

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Nov 1 10:57:20 EST 2007

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From: "José Miguel Miranda Barroso da Fonte" <etjfonte at ua.pt>

> Last weekend I’ve used SD during CQWW and noticed after the
> QSO with 4U1WRC that SD did not give any points or even a multiplier.

That's because 4U1WRC was not included in CQWW.CTY.  SD could not
then identify any individual country corresponding to the 4U1 prefix
(there is none) and did not score the QSO.

It's my fault that 4U1WRC was missing.  Jim AD1C had circulated an
updated CTY.DAT which is used as the basis for all contest logger
country/prefix files, but I was not in a position to update SD's
files before the contest.

> it should count as a multiplier and also 1 point as I’m in Europe.
> Is there any way for my score to be updated? I aready made it count
> 1 point by entering 4U1ITU and then changing the Call again but the
> DXCC Mult. did not appear.

If you look at the QSO records in your Cabrillo .LOG file created
by SDCHECK, you will see that no QSOs are marked as country or zone
mults, no QSOs are marked as dupes, and no QSOs are scored.

This is not a mistake, that's the way all Cabrillo logs are!  They
are scored independently by the contest organisers, in this case
CQ Magazine.

The only significance of errors in SD's .CTY files is that you may
not realise a particular station is a mult - and not make the extra
effort to work it.  Otherwise, errors have no significance because
all logs are scored by the organisers.

If you prefer to have an accurate Claimed Score in your log's
header records, then simply edit it.  There is nothing you can do
to change individual QSOs because that's the way Cabrillo is.

To summarise, you don't have to worry about it - just send in your
log as usual.

Paul EI5DI 

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