[SD-User] LZ DX Contest

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Nov 16 16:25:54 EST 2007

The LZ DX Contest takes place from 12:00 UTC Saturday 17th November
to 11:59 UTC Sunday 18th November on the five contest bands from
80-10m.  There are CW, SSB and mixed-mode sections.

Rules at http://lzdx.bfra.org/index.php/rules

SD supports single-op entries in this event.  V13.30 runs on
any Windows PC and is free from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe

  Select SD's "LX DX" template.

LZ entrants should replace the zone number with their district
code.  You can do this by answering "N" to the "Next Page"
question, and then tabbing to the Zone field.

This is an "everyone works everyone" event.  Send and receive
59(9) + ITU Zone (District Code for LZ stations).

After the contest, use SDCHECK (Option 1) to create your
Cabrillo format .LOG file.

NOTE:  If you have downloaded SD already, you will need
SDCHECK V13.31 for this contest.  You can get it from 

Please mention SD in your soapbox comments.  Rename the
Cabrillo file to YOURCALL.LOG and email it, as an attached
file, to lzdxc at yahoo.com

Paul EI5DI 

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