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Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Tue Nov 27 08:36:47 EST 2007

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From: "Dieter Klaschka" <dl2bqd at swschwedt.de>

> During the cqww I worked IH9R who gave 33 as his zone, SD recorded 
> 15. I think 33 AF is right. 
> How can I deal with it?

It's easy.  Start SD with your CQWW log.  In the callsign field,
on the logging line, type IH9R followed by F9.  This will give
you the number of the QSO you have to edit.

Use Esc to delete the callsign (IH9R), then type the QSO number
followed by Enter. SD takes you to the QSO in Edit mode.  If
you prefer, you can just use Up Arrow until you reach the QSO
you want to edit - but it can take longer.

Tab across to the Zone, type 33 followed by Enter.  The score
will be updated, the QSO will be a country mult (and perhaps
a zone mult also).

Quit SD, and run SDCHECK to create your Cabrillo log,

Paul EI5DI

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