[SD-User] QSO Parties and small program bug?

H. M. Motley Jr. hmmjr at comcast.net
Tue Oct 9 12:12:54 EDT 2007

Please correct the county abbreviations in the CALIF.MLT file for the following.

San Diego   SDGO  should be SDIE
Santa Cruz  SCRZ  should be SCRU

I corrected mine but you need to correct yours or the next update will overwrite my corrected file!

I noticed an interesting bug/quirk.  If I used the supplied template file the frequency read from my OMNI VII did not
show up at the bottom of the screen.  It flashed on for a moment when the logging screen came up and then went away never to return.    It seems if you set MIXED to Y you have this problem.  If it's set to N there there is no problem.  Since I used only CW I set this to N.   I've seen this happen before in other contests but could not figure out what was wrong.  This is not a big deal because the program is getting the infomation and changing bands as it should but the freqency just does ot display on screen.

I've noticed that in QSO parties there is no way to determine if a mobile station is a dupe or not.  You can work the same station in multiple counties so I just keep a hand written sheet on mobile stations and write the counties they were worked in next to their calls.  This is not normally a big problem except in the Texas QSO party where the majority of QSO's are with mobile stations!  Perhaps I'm missing something here that is available in the program.  Maybe I should have logged them as K5NA/AUST, K5NA/BELL, etc. instead of K5NA/M.  Any suggestions from others who use SD for QSO parties would be appreciated.

I made a MLT file for the Texas QSO party and used the program for that one.  SD works well in that contest except it does not account for the bonus points given for working a mobile station in 5 or more counties.  That I handled manually after the contest.  If you would like my TEXAS.MLT file I'll be glad to send it along.  Texas sure has a lot of counties!

Other than the things mentioned above, the program did a very nice job during these QSO parties.  

Puck, W4PM

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