[SD-User] FT-897 SD set-up

Rob - G4LMW g4lmw at btconnect.com
Tue Aug 12 07:05:50 EDT 2008

Hello All

I have just started (trying!) to use this powerful contest tool but am struggling to get rig control with my FT-897.

Are there any FT-897 users out there that can give me some pointers?

My connections work fine with other logging programs - I must be missing something with SD!........

1.  I am getting SD to READ the correct frequency from the radio but cannot directly input the freq from SD
2.  Am getting the "lock" icon showing most of the time that I try to do anything (though unlocking does not fix 1 above)
3. CW mode keeps changing to CWR (reverse sideband)
4. Keyer not working (my homebrew lead works with other progs (using parralel pins 1 and 17 and 25 as ground).

Any guidance appreciated!

73, Rob

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