[SD-User] How to correct callsign in SDI CW

Bill Somerville bill at classdesign.com
Mon Jul 28 05:35:39 EDT 2008

Paul O'Kane wrote:
> Hello Bill,
> Just an update on the problem you reported.  It arose only
> when the edit did not change the length of the callsign.
> When I was testing, I added or deleted callsign characters
> and SDI worked OK in those circumstances.  Anyway, it's
> fixed now - sorry it's to late for IOTA 08.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick diagnosis, I have cc'ed to the list as others will 
probably want to check their logs in case they missed any corrections.

One more question, we didn't notice any phone contacts with the problem 
but they may have slipped through. Can you confirm if this defect could 
cause incorrect entries on SSB or indeed if using a WinKeyer USB was one 
of the causes? Any help with the exact causal circumstances would help 
with checking a large log. We would hate to lose points when conditions 
were so good :-(
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI


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