[SD-User] Keying

John Muzyka g4rcg at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 5 02:26:20 EDT 2008

I have just come to set up SD for the 21/28mhz test and down loaded the latest version on SD 14.10 and the cw keying is totally stuffed??? (I noticed an new bit of text come up as it was loading saying something about calibrating winkey which I have not seen before)
Its the same set up as always Winkey Mk1 (com port keying not USB or adapter) but the keying is missing characters, I thought it was either the key or me, but tried it in Logger 32 and Writelog and its fine, dont think you will get this before the contest starts so looks like I will have to try to do it in L32.
Its my fault as I should have kept the previous version but with me getting set up late I just over wrote the programme with the new version. 
Perhaps you could keep and archive of old versions on SD so that if this happens again and we dont keep the previous version we can get it back off the web site.
John G4RCG


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