[SD-User] V14.11 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Oct 8 14:12:38 EDT 2008

V14.11        8th October 2008

RSGB & EU Sprints:
    After each QSO you must QSY at least 2 kHz. The
    frequency offset is now shown rather than the
    fixed frequency of the previous QSO.  This way,
    it's easier to tell how far you still have to

LZ Open:
    Updated dupe-checking routine to permit "dupe" 
    QSOs after 29 minutes, rather than 30.

    When a dupe callsign is typed, the remaining
    time, before it will no longer be a dupe, is
    shown in place of the word "Dupe".

    The "Countdown Timer" window now highlights
    calls that may be worked again, after 29
    minutes. They are shown for 10 minutes, and
    are dimmed if worked within this time.

    Thanks LZ1GL.  


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