[SD-User] IC-7200

VO1HP fdavis at nfld.net
Wed Jul 22 03:27:35 PDT 2009


When I run through the PORTS process I get confirmation that port sharing is working for COM 3.

However - I see no freq display nor do I have CW keying.  There is no error message.

Have tried SD ICOM files for IC718  IC7700  IC7800.

Tried to open IC7700 SD control file but don't know how to do it in order to change the control address.
How do I edit the IC7700 (or any ICOM ) cointrol file?

73 Frank VO1HP

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From: "RFD" <fdavis at nfld.net>

> Will SDI support the IC-7200?.  It uses a  USB interface
> to the PC with driver software.

That's a good question, sorry I don't know the answer.

Is anyone already using rig control with the IC7600?  

> When I tried to bring up COM 3 in SDI it doesn't "see"
> the port.

What error message did SDI display?  I presume you're
using another of SD's Icom control files with the
control address on Line 2 changed to 118 (76 Hex)?

Paul EI5DI

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