[SD-User] CQWW SSB Log Submission

Andy GD0TEP andy at gd0tep.com
Sun Nov 1 01:52:53 PDT 2009

>1.  What are the specific steps to take to change the "xxxxx.LOG" name to

Assuming you're using windoze. Find the relative log file, right click and
select 'rename' then, rename it as you like.
>2.  Then, how do I attach the K8OZ.LOG file to an email and send to the
CQWW Contest Desk?  

I think this depends on your email programme, but if you're only sending the
one file, right click it and select 'mail to' and in the sub menu select
'mail recipient'
>3.  Finally, what steps need to be taken to print the various files ()dupe,
rate, etc.)?  

Double click the file and I might open with a simple text editor, such as
note pad. If there's no association for the *.DUP or *.MUL files, then
you'll see the 'windows can't open' dialogue box. Select the 'select program
from a list' and then select note pad. Once opened, windoze should then be
able to relate note pad with the file in question.

Does that help you?


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