[SD-User] wae ssb operation

Ezequiel Reinaldi lu1fdu at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Sep 21 12:21:53 PDT 2009

Hi Paul, and all the hams on the forum
I will give you some considerations of SD taken on the last contest, i think they will be usefull.
1-in the last WAE SSB contest i had a problem with QTC. In the middle of the contest a couple of stations that i gave 5 qtcs, ask me for the other 5 qtc and SD tells me that no more qtc for that station !!. So then  i take note by hand to control that situation, and then , in another qtc series i had the same problem.
2- in the WAE contest you log a normal qso, but you not understand the exchange and you wrote an incorrect exchange. So, you go back one row and chage it normally, up to here, no problem at all. But a couple of minutes later, you give a qtc series to an european station and that exchage was not changed in the qso window. You go back to the qso log and it is correct, but you look into the qtc records and it is wrong (not corrected).
3- a callsing look function is needed. Think , for example, you made 500 qso. The number 350 was RU1A, but then in the qso number 501 RU1A calls you  again, you type and SD tells you its a dupe, Its all OK. But RU1A tells you “i dont have worked you” !!! or “OK, i am a dupe, but tell me what was the serial!!!” There are some possibilities:
a) RU1A didn’t logged you
b) RU1A has logged you with another call or with a mistake
c) you  didn’t logged RU1A
d) you logged RU1A you with another call or with a mistake
in all this cases you want to look for (very fast) RU1A and his serial or something like that, this function is needed several times on a contest (because i am not a good operator).
Please tell me if i didnt understand the functions of the software or if i am doing something wrong, but i have been using SD and i have read all the help.
(Sorry for my english, i do my best)
Thaks, Ezequiel Reinaldi

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