[SD-User] SD and windows keying

Rob - G4LMW g4lmw at btconnect.com
Thu Feb 18 06:11:29 PST 2010

I've never actually experienced any keying issues with direct keying 
(running XP SP1,  SP2 then SP3) using SD or any other software.

However, I did try a Micoham MKII but all it did was generate noise across 
all bands so that was quickly removed.

I have the Microkeyer, in its box, barely used if anyone wants to make a 
sensible offer, given that it is virtually new!

73, Rob

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> Quote: "SD integrates with WinKey to eliminate CW timing issues caused by 
> Windows."
> I haven't tried this yet but why can't I use SD to drive the built-in 
> keyer inside my FT-2000 to eliminate
> CW timing issues caused by Windows. Or is it a little bit more complicated 
> than this.
> I only ask because as far as I can tell Winkey is a stand-alone keyer - 
> and theoretically so is the keyer in the FT-2000.
> Furthermore I can adjust all sorts of CW parameters within the menu system 
> to integrate with SD, can't I?
> Also are the CW timing issues caused by all versions of Windows.  Is it 
> the same with Windows7?
> 73 David G4ASR
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