[SD-User] FOC QSO Party

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri May 13 15:57:41 PDT 2011

The FOC QSO Party takes place from 00:00 to 23:59 on
Saturday 14th May.  It is CW only on the 6 HF contest

Everyone can take part - there's no requirement to be
a member of FOC.  Exchange RST and Name - FOC members
add their membership number.

If you use SD's LOAD command to load the FOC.LST file
(supplied with SD), the name and number of FOC members
will be pre-filled.  When using the LOAD command, give
the file name as FOC, not FOC.LST.

FOC members can work everyone, others work FOC only.
When you type a call, SD tells you immediately whether
it's a member - and pre-fills the corresponding name
and number.  If you hear an FOC number and type it,
SD displays the callsign and name - then Enter will
instantly replace the number with the corresponding
callsign.  If you get into trouble, hit minus to clear
the line.

The post-contest program, SDCHECK, has a Cabrillo log
option, but this is not needed since you only need to
report totals.  SD's score window shows FOC and non-FOC
QSO totals separately by band. The totals are correct
on reloading or restarting SD.  They may not be correct
at all times following QSO edits (just reload again).

You will need to update SD's CW internal memories as
appropriate - with Shift_F1 F2 etc.

Suggested configuration:

F1 (CQ)      :   CQ BW #R #R BW
     #R is your registered Call from the opening screen.

F2 (Exchange):   #C #T MORT 1223#E
     #C is the logged callsign
     #T is RST - what you actually sent
     MORT - substitute your name
     1223 - substitute your FOC Number, omit if non-FOC.
     #E represents an embedded Enter key

F3 (TU)      :   TU #R BW#E

F4 (Dupe)    :   Same as F2 (to work them)

F5 (own Call):   #R

F5 (Exchange):   #T MORT 1223#E

Send your QSO totals, split by member and
non-member to kz5d at aol.com.

Paul EI5DI

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