[SD-User] new user

Paul DeWitte k9ot at yousq.net
Mon May 16 18:23:49 PDT 2011

We are going to FP/Miquelon in July and plan on being there for the IOTA 
contest. We found the SD and SDI info via the RSGB IOTA website.

First off I am not a computer geek, so my knowledge of computers is minimal.

We have a smaller IBM Thinkpad X40 with no docking station that only has a 
USB and no 9 or 25 pin output. What kind of interface do I need for the 
computer to send CW? The simpler the better. We are using XP Pro. This 
machine is small enough to fit on the table I will be using.

I would also like to use this for general logging the rest of the time that 
we are there.

Will this program support general logging and send CW in the general logging 

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks 73

Paul K9OT and Peg KB9LIE

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