[SD-User] SD & My New iMac Computer

Bryan m0oic at sky.com
Tue May 24 15:20:44 PDT 2011

Hi Eddy,

I have an iMac i7 on which I run Parallels 6 and Windows XP Pro which allows 100% compatibility with my radio programmes. FLDIGI also works well but straight from OS X. Using Parallels 6 and Win XP Pro I have both MixW and SD running side-by-side during digimode contests on the iMac desktop, faster than on my old windows stand-alone computer. I would like to get away from Windows totally but also requiring Microsoft ACCESS to run I cannot. 

You could also run BootCamp as supplied with OS X but you have to re-boot from OS X to run it which I found to be a bind. There are other free ways using emulators but they would not accept my radio programmes, nor would they accept MS ACCESS without Windows XP being installed. Set it up as you want it and SD can run the same as any Mac programme on the same screen. Sorry yes Parallels will cost a bit (look out for discounts) and you will have to purchase an OEM version of Windows if you don't already have a copy.

Anyway, that is what I use and it has never let me down.

73, Bryan M0OIC

On 24 May 2011, at 22:30, Eddy Swynar wrote:

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