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Sidney Will sidwill at lineone.net
Sat Mar 10 23:26:02 PST 2012

I notice two slight problrms with In the Commonwealth 
1.. As a GM, I am not allowed to contact another UK 
station e.g. a G, but if I enter a G station in SD it 
indicates a bonus situation.

2.. When I have worked a new country, only the first digit 
of that country changes in the countries worked window 

Ohterwise all well except for very slow going.

73  de  Sid  GM4SID

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>   1. RSGB Commonwealth contest - BERU (Paul O'Kane)





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>Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 09:58:49 +0000

>From: Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com>

>Subject: [SD-User] RSGB Commonwealth contest - BERU

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>The RSGB Commonwealth Contest takes place from 1000 UTC

>today, Saturday 10th to 0959 UTC on Sunday 11th March.

>It is CW-only for entrants in the UK and Commonwealth

>countries, on the five contest bands from 80 to 10m.


>There are 12 and 24-hour classes in both Open and

>Restricted (100w, single-element antennas) sections.


>Rules at http://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2012/rberu.shtml


>SD V15.59 supports SO entries, and is fully working and
>unrestricted for all users, with no need to register 


>   Select the "Commonwealth Contest" template
>Work UK and Commonwealth countries only.  There are 

>multipliers, but bonus points of 20 points, by band, for

>the first three QSOs with each Call Area.


>Exchange Serials.  HQ stations add "HQ".  UK entrants

>must be RSGB members and may not work one another for



>For Commonwealth callsigns or prefixes, SD displays

>an instant band/bonus analysis below the callsign.

>No analysis appears for for non-Commonwealth calls

>(zero pointers).  This serves as a validity check

>if you're not familiar with all the Commonwealth

>call areas.


>When you work HQ stations, type HQ in the same field

>as the serial.  For example, SD logs 21HQ as 021 HQ

>in their respective fields.


>After the contest, use SDCHECK to prepare your Cabrillo

>log, and upload it at www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/hfenter.pl


>Paul EI5DI
>Sponsor - BERU Team Competition
>SD-User mailing list
>SD-User at contesting.com

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