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Sidney Will sidwill at lineone.net
Fri Mar 23 04:22:48 PDT 2012

I have never had problems with rig control but I have tried 
a few alternatives.
BPS =  My FT-590 is set at 9600 but it works with SD at 
19200. However DX4WIN needs 9600 so I will stay with that.

LT= I had 240 set but it works right down to SDs minimum. 
Now reset at 100

PT= I had 300 set but it works down to 75. Now reset at 

Thanks for your fine support Paul

73  de  Sid GM4SID

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>Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 13:08:29 +0000

>From: Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com>

>Subject: [SD-User] Rig Control

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>Recently, some users have reported problems with

>rig control.  I've updated SD in an attempt to

>fix these problems, and I'd like to invite you

>to try the new version and let me know the

>results, whether god or bad,


>The updated program SD.EXE (V15.59a) may be

>downloaded from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdexe.zip

>This should be unzipped, to SD.EXE, and it will
>replace whatever SD.EXE you currently have in
>your SD folder.  Before doing this, take a copy
>of your present SD.EXE so that you can restore
>it if necessary
>Here are the details of the changes.
>Rig Control:
>     When enabled, the B40 (and other) band-change
>     commands did not work if the rig had not
>     previously been switched to the corresponding
>     band.  Fixed.
>     POLLTIME and LINKTIME settings:  These were
>     set to fixed values, dependent upon your BPS
>     setting, each time SD was started.  Now,
>     user-selected values are preserved in SD.INI.
>     If rig control is not working fully with your
>     rig, here's what you should try - assuming the
>     PORTS command has already been used to define
>     the appropriate COM port and to identify your
>     rig.
>     1.  Set the BPS to the maximum supported by
>     your rig - and ensure your rig is set to the
>     same value (if variable).
>     2.  Set POLLTIME to 1000 and LINKTIME to 800.
>     Use the STATUS command to confirm the settings.
>     3.  Confirm that rig control is working.  If
>     not, reduce POLLTIME and LINKTIME to see if
>     this helps.  When rig control does work,
>     reduce LINKTIME until rig control fails.
>     Then increase LINKTIME by 25% or so, and
>     confirm that rig control is restored - and
>     the frequency displays correctly even when
>     continuously turning the VFO dial.
>     4.  REDUCE POLLTIME until rig control fails,
>     then increase it by 25% or so and confirm
>     that rig control is restored.  Note that
>     lower values of POLLTIME make rig-contol
>     more responsive - in terms of time taken
>     to update the frequency display.
>NOTE:  You can use the PT and LT commands to
>change the values of POLLTIME and LINKTIME.
>Thanks & 73,
>Paul EI5DI
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