[SD-User] FOC QSO Party

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Sep 13 06:55:46 EDT 2013

The FOC QSO Party is sponsored by the First Class
CW Operators' Club and takes place all day Saturday
14 September, 0000-2359 UTC.  It is CW-only on the
6 HF contest bands.

Rules at

This is a QSO Party, and not a contest.  It's open
to everyone, whether member or non-member, with no
need to send in a log.

SD V17.14 is free from

  Select the "FOC QSO Party" template.

FOC members work everyone. Others work FOC members
only - the ones giving a number as well as their
name.  Call CQBW - the BW stands for Bill Windle
G8VG, after whom this event used to be named.

SD pre-fills the exchange (Name & FOC Number) when
a member's call is typed, and tracks member and
non-member QSOs by band.

If you hear a membership number, and want to know
the call, type the number in SD's callsign field.
If it's not flagged as a dupe, press Enter after
the number to pre-fill the QSO ready for logging,
otherwise press Minus to clear the logging line.

When using SD to send exchanges, whether directly
or with WinKey, use Shift-F2 to update SD's exchange
with your Name, or Name and Number as appropriate.

Send your QSO totals, members and non-members by
band to k5zd at aol dot com.  These are shown in
SD's Score window. There's no need to include
individual band totals.

Paul EI5DI

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