[SD-User] V17.16 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Sep 25 11:17:50 EDT 2013

V17.16     25 September 2013

Internal CW - WinXP, Win7 and Win8.
     This is now running reliably on WinXP with
     USB to Serial converters using either the
     FTDI or Prolific chipsets.

     On Win7/8, a fast processor and an FTDI
     converter are needed - for example, an
     Intel i7 and a Startech ICUSB2321F.  With
     an Intel i3 processor, neither converter
     gave satisfactory CW.

     If you need perfectly smooth CW at all times
     Winkey will guarantee it.

     Removed all code related to internal CW

Maine QSO Party:
     Added support.  Thanks K1ESE.

Salmon Run:
     A missing template parameter "QSOPARTY  :Y"
     for the DX side of this contest caused SD to
     dupe-check mobiles.  In most QSO parties,
     mobiles and rovers can be worked again in
     different counties.  Thanks GM3POI.


SD is free from ei5di.com - please encourage other
contesters to try it.

When you install a new version of SD, you may
have to increase the size of the default window
to fill your screen.  This should be done
separately for both SD and SDCHECK.

Click on the title bar, or the SD icon, at the top
LHS of the window and select Properties, then Font.
If you have a widescreen (16:9) monitor, select the
Lucida Console font.  For a 4:3 monitor, select the
Consolas font (not available on XP).  Then choose
whatever size of font you prefer.  SD's window
expands or contracts in direct proportion to the
chosen font size.

If you find bugs in V17.16, please send me the
details - pokane at ei5di dot com.  Older versions
are not supported, so please confirm that the
problem exists in this version.

Please let me have your suggestions for changes or

Paul EI5DI

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