[SD-User] V19.13 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Jul 27 07:17:37 EDT 2017

V19.13   27 July 2017

IOTA Contest:
     IOTA.LST (supplied and loaded automatically for the
     IOTA contest) has been updated with the announced
     DXpeditions. The island reference is pre-loaded on
     a callsign match.

Flashing Cursor:
     A black "phantom" cursor appeared beside the Time
     field in the header on the logging screen.  Fixed.
     It was visible only on screens or monitors with low
     latency and/or fast response times.

Key File:
     At times, the key file SD.KEY gets renamed as SD.KEY.txt
     when users open it and then save it using NotePad or other
     text editors. When this happens, SD runs in DEMO mode.

     Now, if SD.KEY is not found, SD looks for any file with
     its name starting with SD.KEY and treats this as the
     key file.

SDXC - Scottish DX Contest:
     Updated the template file for non-GM entrants to include
     Serial Sent in Cabrillo logs.

V19.12  10 July 2017

Scottish DX Contest - SDXC:
     Support added. Select the "SDXC, GM" or "SDXC, non-GM"
     templates as appropriate.

     SD pre-fills known exchange elements, whether from
     lookup files or from previous QSOs. These are typically
     zones or district codes.  The NOFILL command inhibits
     pre-fills, and the FILL command restores them.  This
     command is not "sticky" - SD's startup default is FILL.


If you find bugs in V19.13, send the details to
sduser at contesting.com. Older versions are not supported,
so please confirm that the problem still exists in V19.13.

V19.13 is available from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe

A reminder that SDX is a free DXpedition or Special-Event
logger for SSB and CW on the 10 bands from 160-6m.

Paul EI5DI

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