[SD-User] V20.07 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Aug 3 06:04:21 EDT 2018

V20.07  3 August 2018

SCP - Super Check Partial:
     When typing calls on the logging line, the colour now changes
     to yellow (from white - SD's default for the QSO being logged)
     with a match to any full call displayed in the SCP window.
     This way, and without looking away from the logging line, you
     can be confident that the call you're logging is valid.

EU HF Championship:
     Template updated to load MASTERDX.DTA (supplied), the latest
     SCP file omitting NA calls.

Changing Band - with Rig Control:
     Due to broken code in V20.06, direct frequency QSY commands
     changed band but not to the exact frequency entered.  Fixed,
     thanks GM4SID.

V20.06 26 July 2018

IOTA Contest:
     Formatting error in IOTA references corrected. For example,
     EU5 was logged as EU5, and is now logged correctly as EU005.

     IOTA.LST has been updated for 2018, to include announced
     DXpeditions. It is loaded automatically for this contest.

     Country reference file SDIOTA.CTY updated.

ESM Switching;
     Added alternatives to the Apostrophe key for toggling
     ESM, and to the Grave key for toggling between RUN and
     S&P.  The Alt key is used, rather than Ctrl (as in N1MM)
     because SD uses the Ctrl key solely to enter Keyboard
     mode in CW events.

     Alt-M toggles ESM  (left-Alt only).
     Alt-R or Alt-S toggles between Run & S&P modes.
     Note: Alt-R does not assert RUN, and Alt-S does not
     assert S&P. They simply toggle the mode when ESM is

     Left-Alt must be used, as Right-Alt has been a long-term
     alternative to Ctrl (keyboard mode) for some non-UK/US
     keyboards where Ctrl does not work as expected.

Changing Band - with no Rig Control:
     Enter a frequency in the Callsign field (in kHz) to
     change to the relevant  band.  For example, 14018
     changes to 20m.  Note that, in Cabrillo QSO records,
     the frequency logged will be the lower band edge
     frequency.  This is an alternative to the B20 or 14M
     commands (which are retained).

     With rig control enabled, the rig QSYs to 14108. Decimal
     frequencies are supported - for example 14108.6.

IARU Contest - updated reference files
     DXCC.CTY - thanks Joe EI7GY
     CQWW.CTY - thanks Joe EI7GY


V20.07 is available from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe

If you find bugs, send the details to sduser at contesting.com
and send me your .ALL file.

Previous versions of SD are not supported, so please
confirm that any problem still exists in V20.07

Paul EI5DI

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