[SD-User] YB DX Contest

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Jan 12 10:42:10 EST 2018

The YB DX contest runs from 0000 - 2359z on Saturday 13 January,
It is SSB-only on the 5 HF contest bands from 80 - 10m.

Rules at http://ybdxcontest.com/dx-station-rules/

SD V19.23 supports this event - www.ei5di.com
DX (non-YB) entrant use the "YB DX, DX" option.

Work everyone.  Exchange Serials.  Mults are YB prefixes
and DXCC countries.

Use SDCHECK to prepare your Cabrillo log.  Upload it at

Please mention SD in your Cabrillo soapbox comments, as
this encourages others to try it.

Paul EI5DI

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