[SD-User] FT1000MP Mk5 rig control

Mike & Beryl Sherriff miber at thesherriffs.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 11:37:10 EST 2019

Hello Paul,

I cannot get the rig control to connect and talk to the marathon programme on SD, all settings seem OK(as per the book) My normal logging system (winlog) works fine.
Am I missing something obvious? 
Not being computer literate I’m at a loss.
In the limited time I have had for marathon operation I have noticed that on occasions SD has randomly changed bands without me noticing resulting in ‘dupe’ reports. Also when entering say B20 to change to 20 metres the rig goes to 21Mhz instead.
Hopefully you give me a clue as where I’m going wrong for future occasions.
Mike G0CHV 1901

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