[SD-User] SD V21.03 Released

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Mon Feb 11 15:29:57 EST 2019

V21.03  11 February 2019

REF Contest:
   Fixed a scoring error caused by mis-identification of the
   entrant's own continent.  "Own Continent" is now held in

Rig Control:
   Rig control for older Yaesu rigs including FT1000 M5 Field
   is fully working - to include direct frequency input (with
   appropriate mode applied); mode change with the CW and SSB
   commands; reverse sideband with the X command (for both SSB
   and CW); change band with B20, B40 etc.

Balkan HF Contest:
   Added full support - this contest is open only to entrants
   in Balkan countries.

V21.02  6 February 2019

FOC Marathon.
   Fixed the display of 5 and 6-bander totals in the
   Score window.

   Added total of Members Worked (uniques).  Non-member
   QSOs are ignored.

WinKey Commands.
   Many of the configuration commands for WinKey are now
   included within the PORTS commands - to assign and
   configure ports for keying or rig control.

   To disable a port, set it to zero.

   The obsolete commands are WINKEYON, WINKEYOFF, WKON,


V21.03 is free from www.ei5di.com- tell your friends!

When you install or update SD, you will probably have to resize
its window to suit your screen - see GETTING STARTED on page 3
of the manual SD.PDF.

If you find bugs, send the details to sd-user (at) contesting.com

Earlier versions of SD are not supported, so please confirm that
any problem still exists in V21.03

Paul EI5DI

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