[SD-User] Bob N9GG and N1MM

sandro_i7ale at alice.it sandro_i7ale at alice.it
Mon Mar 30 14:08:12 EDT 2020

Good evening to all
I have just sent the following message to Bob, N9GG:
I have read about your problems with N1MM. 
Please, treat youself well, and end your auto lashing / flagellation . 
Download SD (www.ei5di.com) and be happy!
Astonishing simple to set up and operate (manual = 18 pages, not 400), 
but very very powerful. 
I have abandoned every other software since when, years back, I 
discovered Paul’s “chef d’oeuvre”. I am also the translator of the manual in 
Ciao, have fun !
Sandro, i7ALE
I hope that other SD users too have contacted Bob, with helpful 
Sandro, i7ALE

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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:26:42 +0100
From: Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com>
To: sd-user at contesting.com
Subject: Re: [SD-User] N1MM, Writelog,, N3FJP??
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On 28 March, Bob N9GG sent this to the cq-contest mailing list
> N1MM+ is the overwhelming choice of contesters. I have endless problems with it that may be me, my rig, computer, cables, software, you name it, so I won't blame it.
> Has anyone experience sith Writelog and/or N3FJP and would recommend it or not for someone who is running the smallest barefoot single op unassisted station for CW?

Can I ask some of you, here on the SD User mailing list, to suggest to 
Bob (robotgrant at yahoo.com) that he might try SD.

Thanks & 73,
Paul EI5DI







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