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Thu Jan 20 07:05:55 EST 2022

Hi Enriko,

I wonder what PC you were using with SD back then? Did it have a real serial or parallel port I wonder? Simple keying interfaces using NPN transistors for PTT and CW keying were OK then with DOS PCs or early versions of Windows up to XP.

However later versions of Windows changed the way serial ports were supported. Microsoft famously said “ We won’t guarantee when your serial data will be sent, but we will guarantee it will get there!”. This paid havoc with time critical applications like CW keying in programs like SD, and paved the way for Winkey type keying units. These just send the CW messages as ASCII down the serial port and the Winkeyer converts to CW keying output for the radio and is the preferred ways of remote keying unless your radio has a built in USB interface for CAT, CW keying and AFSK based data modes like FT8 etc.

So, I think you using winkey with SD on Windows7 for keying your FT100 is probably the best solution available. 

73 Paul G3WYW 
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> On 18 Jan 2022, at 09:14, Rik IZ2EJU via SD-User <sd-user at contesting.com> wrote:
> Paul,
> first of all thanks for the help.Yes, it is a very long time that I was QRX, my last QSO was in late 2011.Super Duper helped me to get a third place in Italy in CQ WW CW 2006 (Yaesu FT-100 and dipoles), so you can understand why I want to remain with an old friend. And I am still using my little FT-100...I remember that CW was smooth also without Winkeyer, but now it seems difficult. I have a laptop with Windows 7, and a USB to RS232 adapter (I have the RS232 version of Winkeyer), and it works OK with Winkeyer, no way to work with the "simple" interface. No matter, I like Winkeyer.Yes, I know, I should get some newer stuff...
> Thanks again!
> 73 da Enrico "Rik" IZ2EJUMarconista n. 703 - GRT n. 886
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