[SECC] IARU - in a small way

Guy West gwest@febc.org.ph" <gwest@febc.org.ph
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 12:00:35 +0800

I will look for everyone on the bands.  I will be operating from the
house in low power single dipole mode.  The good news is that
propogation to europe has been very good lately.  GA is a bit
tough but I will no doubt get through to a few folks.

To those who might be new to trying to work Asia, I often find
that I (DU1) along with stations in Taiwan, China, and Thailand
will all be trying to work U.S. stations, but the JA's who are one
hop closer will be too loud and plentiful for the U.S. stations to
hear us in the pileup.  Know when other asia stations should be
open as well as JA, and ask the JA's to pipe down for a quick
"any other asia" call once or twice while the band is open to the 

Just a though for the day.


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