[SECC] Congratulations to K4BAI & K4UEE

Larry Crim k4ab@email.msn.com
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 20:40:28 -0500

>I think many contesters are already wondering "where is WRTC 2004?"

Looks like its gonna be in/near Boston (or New England).  The YCCC boys
appear to be making a push.

Larry K4AB

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Date: Monday, July 10, 2000 17:22
Subject: Re: [SECC] Congratulations to K4BAI & K4UEE

>There may be winners, be there are no losers in this kind of
>competition!  You gotta be awfully good just to get there.
>Although the US "super-contesters" K1TO/N5TJ and K1DG/K1AR were
>#1 and #3, their performance is even more impressive when you
>realize they were operating on the Europeans' own turf. The
>overall performance of European teams was especially good -- the
>same advantage to US teams was noted in past WRTCs.
>Congratulations most of all to the S5 hams who made it happen!
>I think many contesters are already wondering "where is WRTC 2004?"
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