[SECC] [Fwd: GA QSO]

w3dya@juno.com w3dya@juno.com
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 15:44:03 -0500

Hi Don:

I don't think we can get too many mobiles in GQP.

My owns plans are to start in Catoosa county in NW GA and go south on
Route 27 to Decatur (Route 84) and go east to Route 19 North.

AT Atlanta, switch to Route 75 South back to Route 84, Valdosta, then
east to 129 (and alt 129) north to Gainesville and 895/23 north to 17
south to Route 20, then 221 South to route 84 again.

I don't expect to get anywere near that far, and will miss counties all
along the routes - if I get up Route 129 to Macon I'll probably be doing
better than expect.  But I always like to have a big plan....

I'll work only CW, so any SSB effort in the same area would be very
welcome by everyone.

I plan to post a list of counties in "planned" sequence late today,
mostly for the county hunters who can keep track of where I am and where
I'm headed.  I expect a bunch of CW county hunters will be active, and
some also work SSB.  

Good luck!

73, Norm, W3DYA

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