[SECC] Shelby hamfest

Gary Breed gary@noblepub.com
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 16:22:09 -0400

(This e-mail was originally sent on Aug 30 and may not
have been successfully transmitted)

Attention all SECC members and interested hams...

I will be conducting two meetings of the South East Contest Club
at the Shelby, NC hamfest this Saturday at high noon (12:00 p.m.).
Meet at the central gazebo-like building -- by then I will have
located a likely place to hold the meeting.

Meeting topic -- No agenda for these meetings. Discussion is 
encouraged on any and all contest-related matters.

If any of you has not been to Shelby -- this is probably the 
biggest hamfest within a few hours drive from Atlanta.  Lots of
hams, lots of stuff.

See y'all there!

73, Gary
SECC Secretary

P.S. Been on vacation, and moved offices...no e-mail for two of the 
past three weeks.

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