[SECC] Re: [SEDXC] Front End Saver?

Ernie Ernie" <erniez@hatcreekcopy.com
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 11:03:04 -0500

Many thanks to Bob W4OWY,  and Bridget KS4YT who both offered assistance in
getting a copy of the article.  K4PI also suggested an ICE device as an
alternative solution.

After scouring and reading the top band archives, I decided that just
because my FT1000MP has a dedicated RX antenna input jack, it is still
necessary to protect it from strong transmitted signals.  'Possible' ills
that may result from not protecting the RX input include blown front ends or
spurious transmitted signals.

Thanks to all.

Ernie KS4Q

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> Does anyone out there keep their old CQ magazines?
> I am looking for a copy of an article which appeared in the February 1997
> issue of CQ magazine.  It is by Gary Nichols, KD9SV and is a design of a
> 'front end saver' to ground/disconnect your listening antenna input while
> transmitting.
> I've been using one that I built up myself, but can't use with the
> I need to redesign it and am looking for ideas.
> Anyone out there that can mail me a copy of the article?
> Thanks,  Ernie KS4Q

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