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Hi Guys:  Here is info on a new committee appointed by the president of
ARRL to see about revising the band plan for 160 meters.  I know that
Tom, W8JI has some thoughts on the subject.  Others of you do also, of
course.  So, follow the directions in this announcement and give the
committee your opinion.  73, John, K4BAI.

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ARRL Bulletin 9  ARLB009 From ARRL Headquarters

Newington CT
March 14, 2001
To all radio amateurs
ARLB009 ARRL 160-Meter Band Plan Committee seeks input

ARRL President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, has selected five amateurs to serve on the
ad hoc 160-Meter Band Plan Committee.  The panel is open for input from the
amateur community regarding the current 160-meter band plan and
recommendations for changes. The ARRL Board of Directors approved formation
of the committee at its annual meeting in January.

''With the ever-increasing activity on 160, it is time to revisit the band
plan,'' said ARRL Delta Division Director Rick Roderick, K5UR, who was named
to chair the committee.

Also asked to serve on the panel were ARRL New England Director Tom Frenaye,
K1KI; ARRL Dakota Division Director Emeritus Tod Olson, K0TO; Jeff Briggs,
K1ZM, and Bill Tippett, W4ZV. All of the appointees are veteran amateurs and
familiar with 160 meters and the issues facing the band. Briggs, a perennial
Top Band contester and DXer, literally wrote the book on 160 meters, DXing
on the Edge--the Thrill of 160 Meters. Tippett has more than 300 DXCC
entities to his credit on 160.

ARRL Membership Services Manager Wayne Mills, N7NG, will serve as
Headquarters staff liaison with the committee.

Roderick says the band plan committee is open for comments ''from all
parties--the digital folks, DXers, ragchewers, anyone.'' The e-mail address
for comments is 160-BANDPLAN@arrl.org. To be accepted, all submitted
comments must include a subject line.

The committee plans to report back to the ARRL Board of Directors in July.

All ARRL band plans are on the ARRL Web site,

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