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John Laney k4bai@worldnet.att.net
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:57:00 -0500

I am sure it is the same Bob Good.  He was very active with the Dixie DXers when he
was K4VHC in Marietta.  In fact, we did a M/M operation under his call from the QTH
of airline pilot Gene, N4E?? near Newnan one year for CQ WW SSB.  I don't know that
another certificate would be helpful as we already offer first place certificates
by power levels for all the adjoining states.  Some recognition in a contest write
up certainly would be appropriate.  It would be easier to say any adjoining state,
but Florida runs down a long way and South Florida gets good skip into Ga that none
of the other states generally has.  Of course, Ga is so large that NW TN may get
good skip on the high bands into SW GA too.  My experience in recent QSO Parties in
NC, TN and FL is that I can work a lot of those stations on 10, 15, and 20 by
scatter, groundwave or something.  Signals are often weak, but workable.  Probably
easier than working GQP stations on 80 from WA, OR etc.  73, John.

Jay Pryor wrote:

> I think that's a very good idea and I imagine that more folks than me have
> faced the same problem when working state contests sponsored by AL, TN, and
> FL.  However, I'm unsure about the "200 miles" definition.  Why couldn't we
> simply say any state whose border touches GA?
> This isn't by any chance the same Bob Good that once belonged to the
> Atlanta Teenage Radio Club is it?
> - Jay/K4OGG
> At 02:33 PM 3/30/2001, John Laney wrote:
> >Food for thought from Bob, K4BG (ex K4VHC) in South Carolina re GQP.
> >73, John.
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> >Greetings John,  I was delighted to see the results of the last GQP and all
> >the work being done for the 2001 event.  I have come upon an idea which may
> >have been already discussed, but here goes.....
> >As you know I am in a "border state" and for practical purposes have to rely
> >on 40 and 80 meters.  I found myself pretty much alone score wise.  Do you
> >think the offering of a certificate of high scoring border state (being
> >defined as 200 miles parallel to the Georgia border) station would be
> >benefical ?  Not another plaque.  I don't think high or low power matters.
> >If it has merit, I am sure you and the sponsors will know how to refine it.
> >Thanks so much and best wishes.    '73,  Bob  K4BG

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