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Fri, 2 Nov 2001 17:21:35 -0600

A hamfest on SSCW weekend...what a sacrilege.


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> << Gang,
>  I will be at the Lawrenceville Hamfest this weekend and available to
>  k DXCC QSLs for DXCC credit.  Brennan Price N4QX from ARRL HQ will be
>  re to check cards as well.  I should be around the ARRL booth.  When I
>   not there I will let someone at the booth know at what times I will
>  rn to check for applications.  As always I will also be at the next
>  C Meeting on Tuesday 11/20.
>  Hope to see you there.
>  73
>  Bill N4NX
>   >>

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