[SECC] Cabrillo format

Jay Pryor jpryor@arches.uga.edu
Thu, 08 Nov 2001 14:58:17 -0500

Also, I received an error message because I checked the "over 50" box in 
the Cabrillo format of TRLog.  They took it when I deleted that line (7) 
and resubmitted.


Jay, K4OGG

At 02:14 PM 11/8/2001, John Laney wrote:
>Hello all:
>For any of you who are submitting logs electronically in the Cabrillo
>format, let me give you some information that I just learned as a result
>of my submission for ARRL SS CW.  Don't fool with the headers in the
>Cabrillo file.  Ever since we changed to this one year ago, I have been
>changing the header OPERATORS to OPERATOR when I was a single op.  I
>then added my own callsign (which was usually duplicative of the call
>used, but was at least once as a guest op at W8JI).  This time, with my
>robot acknowledgement, I got an error message in line 5.
>I am apparently a frustrated would-be English teacher and I didn't think
>OPERATORS was correct for one single operator and I assumed the
>logchecking programs would ignore the "S" in OPERATORS.  It turns out to
>the contrary.  So, my entry as guest op from W8JI for NA Sprint in Sept
>may have had the same problem although it didn't prompt an error
>message.  I will probably e-mail N6TR about that so it will be correct
>in the results.
>John, K4BAI.
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