[SECC] SS Phone Thoughts

Bill Coleman aa4lr@arrl.net
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:12:03 -0500

On 11/27/01 1:02 PM, Lee Hiers at aa4ga@contesting.com wrote:

>I don't know how high your A3 is, but I've heard those add-on kits 
>are pretty lossy...a better bet may be to put the 40m dipole at 35' 
>horizontal...I think that would be a good SS antenna.

A3S is at 49.5' (15m). 

Problem with going to 35' feet horizontal is coming up with a support to 
run it to! I got no trees other than the ones backing up to my yard, and 
those trees house my 105' doublet for 80m.

>80m with low supports is a problem...you could try the sloper there I 
>guess, it should be better than the low dipole - at least farther 
>out.  and you may want to leave your 40m sloper if it works good as a 
>DX antenna...it would do better there than a low dipole.
>You could also try shunt-feeding your tower on 80 in lieu of the 

I'm working on that. I need to lay down a bunch of radials.

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