[SECC] Hamfest page

Penn McClatchey pmm at saf.com
Sun Jun 1 18:02:10 EDT 2003

The hamfest site is back up.  
One of those internet things...
(that I had nothing to do with by the way.)

Matt Lee, WB6BWZ wrote:

>I sent an email to Atlanta Radio Club (via Penn K4PE) notifying them about not
>being able to open their hamfest page. Still have not heard back from them.
>Matt Lee, WB6BWZ
>Atlanta, Georgia USA
><wb6bwz at arrl.net>
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>>Subject: [SECC] Hamfest page
>>I have tried for two days without success to open the Atlanta Hamfest Web
>>site . Is it just my problem or is the page down?
>>73, Archie, K4GA

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