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I was amazed how many locals were on 6... I must have heard 20 or 30 people giving out grids em73 em74 .. I only worked maybe 5.. signals were weak.. not enough antenna for long ground wave.

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> Sunday (at least when I was on) was a bust.  I did work VP5, 
> HI8, YV1DIG,
> VP9/N0JK, and 9Y4AT.  Locals were working V25XX (who was loud 
> on Friday
> nite) and he was just readable
> here.  WA4NJP worked a couple of WP4's, both 9Y4's (AT and 
> TL), 6Y5. another
> YV or two but not even a peep here.  Not much e-skip but did 
> hear KY5R,
> N4IS, and several 0's.  I worked a K0 in Mn, a couple of stations in
> Chattanooga, and W4ZRZ in Birmingham.  Never did hear anyone 
> working TG9NX
> but did hear a XE1 briefly for one transmission.
> I did fix the audio on my FT 920 (it was set to hi fi), get the Heil
> boom/mic set with HC-4 going, and found the internal DVK was less than
> useful so hooked up my MFJ 432.  Could have used these on 
> Saturday when e
> skip was in.  Per K5ZD I found the Cushcraft 2 el 40 at 88 
> feet did work on
> 6 but bet a small 3 el at 50 feet would have run circles 
> around it.  I saw
> on eHam that K0KP who has a good signal uses a 3 el beam.  
> You have to get a
> second tower for those long boom M2 antennas at K4SX or W4GF.
> Maybe I can swing the new 4 el SteppIR with the two parasitic 
> elements for
> 6.  Says 13 dbi gain and 26 db F/B which is as good as most 5 
> or 6 element
> beams.  W6XA says stay away from the 6 el ZX beam!!!
> With a good beam more than 400 QSO's were possible on 6 SSB 
> from Atlanta
> using low power.  W4NH reported they made over 600 from the 
> mountain top.
> Can't speak for the other VHF bands as I have a 2 meter FM 
> transceiver not
> connected and nothing for 222 or 432Mhz.  This was my first 
> activity on 6
> since 1964 mostly due to living in areas with channel 2 (I have enough
> problems
> with the neighbors on HF).
> 73 Dave K4JRB
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