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Realize that this is up in the Mid-Atlantic area... but figured that it 
wouldn't hurt to pass this along.

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Stan Wharton WA3ZVY just called me seeking help in liquidating the rest of his father's ham radio gear (his dad was K3STM, lived somwhere over on the western shore of Md.). Stan's now in Littlestown, Pa (between Hanover and Gettysburg) and has about 75 large boxes of radio gear in his garage plus 
a small trailer full. He has not categorized it and says he doesn't have time to deal with selling it piece by piece himself. He's looking for someone to sell the entire lot to. He guestimates it might be $4000 worth of stuff.

Stan's cell is 301-538-7386, home is 717-359-5339, and e-mail is mrstanleybear at aol.com.

I know there are some guys who do hamfests and buy whole estates -- if anyone knows of anyone doing that please pass along the contact info and I'll get that to Stan.

I don't know any more about what he has -- I only know Stan because I bought some of the tower from the estate two years ago and helped Stan sell some antennas then.

73/Jon AA1K 

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