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Mon Nov 3 12:10:01 EST 2003

No South Florida for me... 74 mults. heard alaska, north dakota, and ve2..
so only missed hearing 3 .. de, sfl and nwt

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                     ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW
Call: K4SB
Class: Single Op Low Power (95 watts)
Op Time (hrs): About 15.0
Total:  310 Qs, Sections = 75
Club: South East Contest Club

Sections Missed MS, NU, VE4, WY, AK

Used Writelog 10.38 and it worked like a charm. Thank goodness for
W4OC and W4NTI.
or AL and SC would be in the list below.

Strange, but only 1 SFL, 1 SNJ, 1 ME, 1 VT 

The new big 5 element 20 worked like a charm, but somehow, I changed
something in the shack and have big time RFI if I try to use the amp. 

Think I have commented on my loss of hearing before, but when I quit
about 8pm on Sunday, I had the volume control on the OMNI at max, Heil
earphones, and couldn't hear a thing.

Think I will be mostly RTTY for the rest of my time.

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