[SECC] Bag phone antenna request; SS CW

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 6 10:08:09 EST 2003

Hello all:

You are the greatest! Thanks to all who offered a bag phone antenna or a 
bag phone.  The first to describe exactly what I needed was Jay, K4OGG, 
and it arrived by mail Saturday in time for me to take it on my circuit 
trip to Valdosta this week.

I talked to Jay, VY1JA, last night and he told me that he had to work 
part of last weekend and that the aurora conditions were so bad that he 
had to work very hard to make his 100 QSOs.  He said he made some 
contacts on each band 80 through 10.  I never heard any NT station.  In 
looking at the 3830 postings, the only stations claiming clean sweeps 
were W6, W7, W5 stations plus N4PN!  Most of those who got the clean 
sweep were using the internet in the Unlimited category.  Hopefully 
conditions will be better up that way for the SSB Contest.

My mother-in-law is still hanging in there after her hip surgery at age 
95.  They have moved her to a room, but she has an elevated temperature 
and is far from ready to be sent back to her apartment with her sitters.

Hope everyone has a nice week.  I have been in Valdosta for two days and 
had lunch with Tom Alderman, W4BQF, who has retired from Virginia and is 
building a station at Cecil, GA in Cook County, just north of Valdosta. 
   His 94-year old mother, very bright and very alert joined us.  He is 
a very experienced (particularly low band) DXer and contester who has 
operated M/M at W3LPL.  He hasn't been able to arrange for internet 
service to his house as yet.


John, K4BAI.

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