[SECC] lotw -- Another rare SECC confirmation

Macie, Gordon GMacie at innotrac.com
Wed Nov 26 09:41:18 EST 2003

Same plan here.

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On 11/25/03 4:25 PM, Jay Pryor at jpryor at uga.edu wrote:

>Yep.  A slow day in the office and I've been trying to figure out this LoTW

>thing.  I'm still not sure how to do all that I think it will do but I'm 
>getting there.  (slowly)

That's OK, because LOTW isn't all the way there, either. They still 
haven't written the applications that will allow us to use the credits 
that have been QSLed, or those that show how many credits we have toward 
various awards.

I'm really impressed with LOTW. I've uploaded all my Cabrillo contest 
logs (which means 2002 and 2003), which is about 5,000 QSOs. I've got 
more than 500 QSLs, and that rate can only get better as more people 
upload logs. I've still got a lot of old logs to convert, but eventually 
plan to have every logged QSO in LOTW.

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