[SECC] SO2R switch boxes

Michael Baker zen007 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 18:41:18 EST 2004

I have spent many hours with several boxes (WX0B's, ZS4TX's, DX Doubler). I 
prefer the first generation SO2R Master by WX0B. Array Solutions have since 
discontinued it and replaced it with the one built by ZS4TX. The guts mount 
out of site, and the remote head is bullet proof and can be placed any where 
you want it. I like this setup better because I can hit the switches without 
even looking. When I need to switch quickly all I have to do is fling my 
hand over to the remote box and my thumb catches the flywheel I installed 
and im on the other band. DX Doubler and ZS4TX's box has teenie toggle 
switches on the front that you actually have to zero in on if your trying to 
switch quickly.  I guess thats the Single-Op in me coming out as I think 
that some things during a contest should be done without looking or even 
thinking about it - just automatic. The voice keyer in the ZS4TX box IS 
attractive though.

I prefer my switching to be manual insted of having the software do it. I 
have used TR alot, and I always find myself riffling through the manual a 
few times during the contest. It's almost TOO smart for me.  I use two 
computers networked together running CT in the Multi-Single mode. I flag all 
the 2nd radio qso's so I know which are which, and I use the mini keyboards. 
The Keyboard are sitting right in front of the radio that they are logging 
for - KISS!! But ya'll already knew that was the secret SO2R set-up right? 


Mike, KA6SAR

Michael Baker
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