[SECC] Reminder: Spartan Sprint tonight: K8S, etc. to be QRV

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 1 11:28:32 EDT 2006

Hello all:  A last reminder that the Spartan Sprint 10th Anniversary QRP 
CW contest is tonight 0100-0300 UTC.  There is guaranteed to be a big 
turnout for this one.  30 special calls 1 x 1 (all possible 1 x 1 calls 
ending in S) are expected to be active.  Those with special connections 
to GA and SECC are:

K5OT - K5S
K4BAI = K8S.

Note that I am a late addition to the list.  Of course, many other 
stations will also be QRV and QSOs may be made with all, not just the 
1x1 calls.

See a summary of the rules below.  Note that score submission is by 
autolog on the honor system.  If you use this system, please show your 
call with your state - For example N4PN - GA.  Everyone who sends in a 
score will receive a nice e-mail report of scores, etc. about Wednesday.
When you are asked for the weight of your rig, just put 30+ unless your 
complete rig, power supply, key, etc. weighs less than 30+.  In the 
latter case, you will need to weigh your complete rig and enter that 
weight.  Scores are listed in the results twice:  once considering the 
weight factor and once without.

This should be a lot of fun since there will be so many stations QRV 
during this short two-hour period.  Try to get on and join in the fun!


John, K4BAI.

Members and Friends -

This month is very special.  It was 10 years ago that Richard Fisher 
KI6SN, Russ Carpenter AA7OU, and Wayne Burdick N6KR formed the Adventure 
Radio Society.  The goal was to promote CW QRP in the out-of-doors.

One of the most popular activities of the Society has been the Spartan 
Sprints. These two-hour QRP contests on the first Monday of the month 
provide an opportunity to test equipment, push the limits of light 
weight rigs, and have a lot of fun

To mark our tenth anniversary we have gone all out for a very special 
Spartan Sprint this Monday night.  In addition to the regular rules, 
there will be bonus points and lots and lots of awards.

We will have up to 30 special callsign stations in the Sprint.  These 
callsigns are one by one calls (1x1), all ending in "S" for Spartan 
Sprint.  Here is a list of the calls  and the operators:

Spartan Sprint Call         Operator
N1S                          W1PID
W1S                          N1AOK
K1S                          NA8M

N2S                          KD2MX
W2S                          W2LJ

K3S                          K3ESE
N3S                          N3AO
W3S                          K3TW

K4S                          K4PQC
N4S                          N4BP
W4S                          W1MT

K5S                          K5OT
N5S                          NE5DL
W5S                          W5ACM

K6S                          K6III
N6S                          NT6K
W6S                          NN4CW

K7S                          K7TQ
N7S                          KI6SN
W7S                          KH6B

W8S                          WA8REI

K9S                          K9EW
N9S                          N9NE
W9S                          WA9TZE

K0S                          KI0II
N0S                          N0EVH
W0S                          W0NTA

K2S, K8S, and N8S are in the process of being assigned.

The rules this month will be the same as always with the following 

- Everyone should enter the list of 1x1 calls they worked in their 
Soapbox comments of the autolog.  Pleas make a separate list for each 
band.  The autolog is at

- Five bonus points will be added to the total score for each 1x1 
worked. Working the same 1x1 on a second band counts as two 1x1's and 
totals 10 points. Work the same 1x1 on a third band for a total of 15 
points, and so on.

- Ten 10 bonus points will be added to the total score for working 1x1's 
with all ten numbers (1x1's with each number, zero through nine) in the 
call.  This will be the Sweep.

- Special email certificates will be awarded for -
     Top five Skinny and Tubby winners for regular stations
     Top five Skinny and Tubby winner for "S" stations
     Top five outdoor operations, and
     Top five DX entries.

Please email any questions to hohnc at adelphia.net  Needless to say, the 
results may take an extra couple of days.

Please plan to join us in the celebration of QRP, CW, and ten years of 
the Adventure Radio Society!!

Here's the remainder of the standard rules -

The May * Tenth Anniversary * Spartan Sprint will be held on May 1, 2006 
(which is our standard date--the first Monday of the month).  It's two 
hours of fun as you contact
other QRP CW stations on 80, 40, 20, 15, and/or 10 meters.  The contest 
starts at 9 pm EDT, 8 pm CDT, 7 pm MDT, and 6 pm PDT.  That's 0100-0300 UTC.

The Spartan Sprint exchange is RST - State - Power (e.g. 559 ME 5W).

Contest details and rules are at

After the contest report your summary and score at the autolog at

Special thanks go to Tom Warren K3TW, Assistant Contest Manager.  The 
special calls were Tom's idea and he did all the work.  I didn't think 
anyone could pull it off, but Tom came through.

73 de NA8M
Contest Manager

Adventure Radio Society

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