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Too bad it's not a MonsterIR at 80' or 100'....That
would really give them something to talk about!
Although I thought the FCC stuff specifically did not
over-ride CCRs for subdivisions.  This is from PRB-1:

Private restrictions, commonly called CC&Rs
(covenants, conditions and restrictions) are another
aspect of antenna/tower regulation that exist outside
of the zoning regulatory body. CC&Rs are the "fine
print" that may be referenced in the deed to your
property, especially if you are in a planned
subdivision that has underground utilities. Your best
bet before proceeding with your tower plans is to take
a copy of your deed to an attorney to have a limited
title search done for the specific purpose of
determining whether private restrictions will affect
your rights. If you're buying a new home, have a title
search done before you sign on the dotted line. When
you agree to purchase the property, you agree to
accept covenants and deed restrictions on the land
records, which may preclude you from being able to put
up a tower at your new dream home.

No Flames please--I just cut and pasted this from the
ARRL's page

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